I was walking along a lonely road, when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was, and I saw… no one. A chill ran down my spine mostly because of the cold outside. But let me tell you the truth keeping aside the bravery , I was scared as hell. I felt relieved as there was no one but I still felt that someone was stalking me. When I turned back again, I was caught off guard. “Booh” shouted my friend. I was just going to punch him on his stupid laughing face when I saw an old woman behind him. Wrinkles ran all over her face as she was laughing, staring at my friend holding her knife. I rubbed my eyes and she just ‘vanished’. I asked my friend if he saw that woman but he just said that I was hallucinating. He then asked me where I was headed and I replied that I was going to the grocery store. He said his house was on the way and he would accompany me. After chatting for some time, we arrived at his house so he went on his way. As soon as I reached the grocery store, I saw the lights were out so I had to go home disappointed. I was trying to think of some reasons to tell my mom to escape her scolding when I heard someone whisper, ‘ I will avenge my child.’ I turned back and I saw no one…again. I was pretty scared (Don’t you dare call me a scaredy cat) so I straightaway ran towards my home. When I reached my house, my mom saw me panting and asked me why was I panting and where are the vegetables. I narrated her the whole story about what all happened, the old woman and the whisper.

When I finished narrating her the story I was shocked to see my mom not reacting at all. All she said was “Now, I will have to make dinner with whatever vegetables are left.”

We finished eating dinner and went to sleep. After midnight there was a knock on the door. I heard some noise downstairs. After some time, I heard footsteps coming up. I armed myself with the nearest object I could find. But when I saw who it was I felt relieved, my mom but…different, covered in blood holding the same knife I saw in that old woman’s hand. “What a shame I had to kill the mother too.” “What are you talking about mom?” I asked. She just smiled and came up towards me, still holding the knife…

This is all I remember from that day, and I am still running from those memories. I still repent for all the victims that were killed by her.

8 thoughts on “NIGHT OF MEMORIES

  1. Intriguing story, Amaresh! I wonder what happened to the Mother…
    You have a great imagination. Looking forward to more such stories from you!

    Liked by 1 person

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